Pathway to Freshcare Environmental Certification

Hort360 is currently aligned to Freshcare Environmental Edition 3 and also provides the framework and questions for EnviroVeg self-assessment.

Through completion of the required environmental modules within Hort360, growers will be provided with an environmental assessment report. The environmental assessment report contains risk and opportunities, actions, links to resources, benchmark information, and action planning to inform environmental management planning.

There are three ways to complete the required modules within Hort360:

  1. Facilitation – progress through the modules with a Growcom approved facilitator
  2. Self Assessment – progress through the modules at your pace / when time is more permissible
  3. A combination of both
  • Complete the required Hort360 modules / environmental assessment sub-module to receive an environmental assessment report within a twelve (12) month period.
  • Complete the Hort360 / Freshcare Environmental training session within three (3) months of generating an environmental assessment report. Once you have completed training you are recognised within the Freshcare system and hence need to abide by the Freshcare rules.
  • Complete a Freshcare Environmental audit.
  • Complete a Freshcare Environmental audit annually to maintain certification.

Training is to be provided one-on-one or in small groups (no more than four). The aim of the training day is to develop an environmental management plan using Hort360 environmental assessment report, Freshcare Environmental manual, resources from Freshcare and Hort360 and the Environmental Action Plan form.

On the day of training:

  • Grower needs to bring along their environmental assessment report as a reference (paper or electronic).
  • Trainer will provide training resources and Freshcare Environmental manual.
  • On a per section basis the trainer will proceed through the Freshcare Environmental manual to assist growers understand the risks presented via Hort360, how these relate to the Freshcare Environmental Code of Practice and how to prioritise actions and targets.
  • The Freshcare Environmental Action Plan form will be used to document actions and targets – this will form the Environmental Management Plan.
Auditing and certification

Third party verification of Hort360 membership is to the Freshcare Environmental Standard by an approved Freshcare certification body and is a requirement for a Hort360 member to access the Hort360 certification trademark logo.

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